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Eloise. 15. Classic rock and spock.


I want to date someone who is genuinely my best friend. Someone who I can stay up late talking to, and have meaningful conversations with. Someone who treats everybody friendly. Someone who’s there for me when I need them to be, and vice-versa. Someone I can love.

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hotchellegay said: leg so hot hot hot leg leg so hot u fry an egg


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Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho, directed by Gus Van Sant 1991.
Anonymous said: z,e,a,m,k,b,r...

e- emma omg she is my favourite
a- apple crumble frick yes
m- m-m-mmore hentai 
k- kpop tarts
b- beagles and beagling 
r- rhubarb anything 

thank x

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Anonymous said: i, l, y, h, e, x

i- ice cream
l- luxray bc badass pokekmon
y- you ily
h- happy bear (ok i’ve had this bear from birth he means more than u)
e- eating when i’m hungry bc you know it’s the best
x- xylophones i mean what the heck

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Anonymous said: i, s, k, m, b

I- indie rock (like Bombay Bicycle Club)
S- sunny weather
K- kekekeke
M- millie

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Anonymous said: M!

My bae millie

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